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The Wisconsin Walnut Council website serves a number of purposes, including keeping members informed about recent Wisconsin Walnut Council activities and being a source of information for the general public about walnut and other hardwood trees in Wisconsin and about the role of Wisconsin Walnut Council. An up-to-date and interesting website can help our organization attact new members, improve attendance at events, recruit voluneers, and generally aid the informational and educational goals of the council. To keep the content new and up to date will require committment from members.

Contact the WWC website committee

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Organizing or hosting a Wisconsin Walnut Council event?

Please be sure that the website has information about the event well in advance. As soon as a date is set, send the date, title, location, and a 5-30 word description for posting on the website Events Page. Other information that can be added as links includes an agenda, a map, registration instructions, speaker's bio, or anything else of potential interest to attendees.

After the event, sent other information to be posted as well. Minutes, reports, pictures can all be added to the website.

Write a Wisconsin Walnut Story

Your website committee is asking for contributions for the Wisconsin Walnut Council home page. The home page is still under consruction and the current design has space for two or three vignettes, short (70-150 word) stories about Wisconsin experiences related to walnuts and other hardwood. A small (250px X 250px) picture to illustrate the story would also be good. These are expected to be displayed for 2 to 4 months, then change to a different story.

Send information for the website

Please email a member of the website committee to report errors on the website, to send WWC event information or pictures (before or after the event), or to send a short paragraph and picture that would be appropriate for the home page

Alternatively you can fill out the form below to submit to the website committee

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