Wisconsin Event

Forestry Field Trip 2018

Bohlin End-O-Way Farm


July 30, 2018


10854 Robin Lane, Stitzer, WI


National Annual meeting field trip




  • flyer
  • $20 per person
  • lunch is provided
  • 8 AM - 3:30 PM


Tour of the Bohlin End-O-Way Farm, with views of the driftless region of southwest Wisconsin, Oak and Walnut stands of various ages with discussions including management, erosion control, evasives control.


Morning Rotation Topics: Native plantings & pollinators, oak savanna and buckthorn management, EQIP, erosion management, natural stand management

Afternoon Walking Tour:Maximizing quality in log processing, oak regeneration, BMP’s for runoff, monarch butterfly habitat, riparian buffers, managing regeneration from a mother tree


Logan Wells, a local timber buyer and a wood utilization specialist, used his personal mill to saw walnut logs and discussed issues related to maintaining grade when sawing logs and maximizing production from the logs.

Logan Wells demonstrates use of the mill to saw boards from logs cut from the Bohlin Farm.

Board cut from log in the demonstration of the use of a personal mill.

Dan Bohlin (standing behind the wood plank bench wearing the Walnut Council hat), the host for the 2018 National Meeting field day, is pictured in a riparian corridor discussing management techniques he has implemented to control erosion and water flow.

John Nielsen speaks on how to manage seedlings from a mother tree.